Libereforme Libri D'artista Al Museo Della Carta Di Pescia

Libri d’artista al Museo della Carta di Pescia

This exhibition showcases 18 rare and artistic books from various Italian artists: Marco Bagnoli, Stefania Balocco, Gianluigi Balsebre, Paola Carrara, Sonia Costantini, Fabio Cresci, Andrea Granchi, Riccardo Guarneri, Francesco Landucci, Gianni Lillo, Lucia Marcucci, Paolo Masi, Remo Salvadori, Elisabetta Scarpini, Marcello Scarselli, Alessandro Secci, Vittorio Tolu, Giorgio Ulivi.

The exhibition explores the concept of the book as an art form, that changes the original function of the object as a support for written documents into a tool for creativity and artistic communication. As the finissage of the exhibition on 3rd September, a paper art workshop will take place together with one of the artists.

The Museo della Carta hosts this exhibition in the light of its institutional mission that focuses not only on the preservation of paper artifacts and traditions but also on promoting new art forms that are based on paper manufacturing.



Saturday mornings with the Director

On Saturday 05 and Saturday 19 February starting at 11.00, visitors will have the opportunity to take a guided tour of the museum with the Director Massimiliano Bini. 
One tour lasting an hour and a half each to discover the myriad secrets of handmade watermarked paper from Pescia. 

Due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19 pandemic, reservations are strongly recommended for the admission. Write to or call 0572 408432 in the mornings from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm.

Maximum number of people per tour: 25

Saturday mornings with the Paper Master

On Saturday 12 and Saturday 26 February starting at 11.00 a.m. and at 04.00 p.m., visitors will have the opportunity to visit the paper mill and to attend a pratical demonstration of handmade paper in collaboration with paper master by Impresa Magnani Pescia.

Two tours lasting two hours to discover the myriad secrets of handmade watermarked paper from Pescia. 

Maximum number of people per tour: 25

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