Pescia Paper Museum

The Pescia Paper Museum is part of the ETS Paper Museum Association, which has promoted the project and currently includes 68 members involving private individuals, associations, and public bodies. 

The main purpose of the museum is to preserve the ancient art of processing and manufacturing handmade paper and to raise awareness of the importance and evolution of paper production. Paper has been produced in the area since the end of the 15th century. 

In 2004 the association purchased the ancient paper mill Le Carte, which had belonged to the Magnani family, and the headquarters of the museum.
The Museum, which has over time become a precious reference point for restorers, scholars, and bibliophiles from all over the world, protects and preserves the expertise of an ageless and ubiquitous art: making paper.
The museum is aimed at a wide audience of scholars and students, enthusiasts and anyone else interested. Here you can explore the history of paper and learn about its many secrets: from the valuable collection of watermarks to the vintage tools and machinery for the hand-made production of paper. 

The museum's mission is to preserve six centuries of tradition, spreading the culture and knowledge of one of the oldest communication means: paper.